Gold Medalist course

A course for professional athletes who want to accelerate their journey to gold medal performance.

“The life given to us by nature is short, but the memory of a well-spent life is eternal.” Cicero

It is said that athletes are their own greatest competition, with a mind that always gets in the way of success or peak performance. We sometimes hear an athlete say, “I was so close to winning” and they never get back to that same level of performance ever again.

Do you feel…

  • that you are putting in a huge amount of time, effort and/or money to achieve your greatest vision and goals?
  • that it is a slow journey and it has crossed your mind to throw in the towel?
  • the pressure from your coach, supporters or team members to achieve success, but it is just not happening for you?

And in the long run, have you observed a thought about never achieving your goals?

What do you want?

  • Do you want to accelerate your journey to gold medal performance?
  • Do you want to have consistency in your performance?
  • Do you want to enjoy the journey and achieve goals more effortlessly?
  • Do you want to see the effort, money and time that you are putting in bear fruit?
  • Do you want to make a difference in the world while achieving your success?
  • The Gold Medalist course will help you to close the gap between your current reality and achieving the goals you truly desire.

The Gold Medalist Course covers

Your values are the GPS to success.

Deconstructive Journalling
Journalling is one of the best techniques to create clarity and awareness of your progress, wins, and constraints.

The Goal Achieving System
A system that will help you to achieve your goals with less effort.

Life-transformational Laws
Tools that will help you to take charge and ownership of your life.

Understanding the Subconscious Mind
Your Subconscious Mind serves you. Move beyond mental blocks.
Driver Focus Filter. Improve your focus. What expands in your reality is a reflection of your focus.

Solve your biggest inner conflict.
With your inner conflict solved, there is forward movement and goal achievement.

Create Emotional Wealth.
Here we release low-quality emotions like doubt, fear, anxiety. Release Limiting Self-Beliefs, like “I am not good enough”. We install new empowering beliefs: Example: I am created to be brilliant in everything I do.

Transform your Self-Image.
Your life is as successful as your self-image. Here we are going to create a Gold Medalist Self-Image.

Now that you are set up for success or gold medal performance, we work 1:1 to accelerate your success.

The Gold Medalist course will help you to close the gap between your current reality and achieving the goals you truly desire.

Awesome, very friendly, passionate and focused. She is always willing to help and go the extra mile. The Gold Medalist program: absolutely brilliant!!! This program has changed my life and vision for my future. I have new perspective in life and understanding of myself and my path. It changed my vision, beliefs and feelings into a positive light. I would… Read more “Cowin Ray”

Cowin Ray
Professional Boxer

Nelene is a kind, passionate coach, full of energy and positivity that rubs off onto everything around her. Before I started the program with Nelene, I felt stuck and at a standstill in my sporting and personal life. Now I am a new person, achieving goals and striving to be the best I can be. She has equipped me with… Read more “Ralph Goveia”

Ralph Goveia
Olympian Swimmer, Zambia

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Do I need to be a professional athlete?
Yes. You should be self-motivated, committed and driven to achieve your goals.

How do I start?
Contact Nelene for a free consultation via her email

How long is the program?
The initial course is 8 weeks and then we work for 10 months 1:1.

How much time does it take to do this course every week?
Our sessions are between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Allocate 3 x 50-minute sprints to complete your forward-moving homework during the week.

What do I do when I have any unanswered questions?
Send an email to Nelene:

Do I have to commit to all 12 months?
Gold medal performances requires unwavering commitment. Full-time participation = full-time results. Plus you deserve nothing less.

Can I get access to the whole program at once?
Due to the intensity of the course it is best to first absorb what is achieved in each of the sessions, then be exposed to the next session the following week. This way the gold medal mindset systematically becomes a part of your daily life.

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