Life Mastery course

Achieving our highest potential and embracing our best lives

Knowing yourself for who, what and why you really are.

What is Life Mastery?

Simply, it refers to achieving our highest potential, and embracing our best lives. Knowing yourself for who, what and why you really are. Having consistent emotions of ecstasy, happiness and a sense of inner joy, that arises in every moment of existence rather than being found in external sources. Having it all together, and knowing how to contribute to a better earth.

What does your current reality look like
– where are you now?
  • Experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Feeling depressed
  • Stuck in a rut?
  • Do you know that there is more to yourself and to life, but you don’t know what that is, or where to start?
  • Do you feel a lack of competency or a sense of inadequacy in your personal life, career or relationships? Does it feel impossible to tap into your Greatness?
  • Do you feel that negativity is everywhere?
  • Do you feel lost?
  • Do you feel as though your life is out of balance?
  • Do you feel that you are stagnating?
  • Do you hope for a better earth, but feel it is a hopeless case or helpless situation?

Would you say that you are living a life full of regrets because you are not living your best life?

Your starting point is here:

The Life Mastery Course is best described by a quote by
Dr. David Hawkins:

“We can picture it being similar to the wheel of a ship. If we make even a one-degree change in the ship’s compass, we will notice very little differences; but as the ship sails over the sea, hour after hour, day after day, a one degree change in the compass will end up taking us to a very different place many miles from where the original course would have taken us.”

I have been on a lifelong journey to be truly happy, realise my greatness, know myself for who, what and why I really am, and to make an impactful difference on earth, because I just had this knowing there must be more to us and more to life.

It was recently – 6 years ago where my journey was accelerated, as I learnt techniques and gifts to unlearn who I was not, how to heal and release thousands of limiting, negative, fear-based and self-sabotaging beliefs. Today, I have a knowingness of who I am: Peace, joy, bliss, love and pure consciousness.

This is what the Life Mastery can do for you:
  • Learn to know yourself for who, what and why you really are
  • Achieve a sense of forward movement, and no longer feeling stuck
  • Inner Happiness, enjoyment of a fulfilling life
  • Accelerated growth to Mastery: Personal, Relationships, and Career
  • Easy life; effortlessness in achieving your goals
  • Freedom (Emotional, Financial)
  • Feeling liberated
  • Abundance
  • Vibrant health and feeling good
  • Creativity
  • Awareness, positivity, unconditional love
  • Pursue a new direction with a new destination
  • Be the expert, champion or master of your talents and gifts

In other words, living your best life while making a difference in the world.

Nelene is such a vibrant energy. Her calm and positive mindset/attitude is very contagious. I feel inspired whenever I am in the presence of her being. I have a great admiration and love for her in her compassion to help others and share the true meaning of true life. A true and powerful spirit. I loved the Full Life Transformation… Read more “Demi Lopez”

Demi Lopez

Nelene is patient and gentle with a strong focus on helping others to achieve greatness. Although the coaching seemed intense, Nelene ensured guidance and support. I appreciated the friendliness and understanding in every session and the communication outside the session. Nelene is a transformational leader – and I would feel honoured to have completed the course under her guidance! 🙂… Read more “Shivari”

BrandTruth (Group Coaching)

Nelene has a special skill of helping a person to discover themselves. She has an ability to help you to tap into your inner self and see yourself as you were ment to be in this world. The Full Life Transformation program is powerful in a sense that I know exactly who I am. Other people’s definition of Nonhlanhla does… Read more “Nonhlanhla Shange”

Nonhlanhla Shange

Today I would like to dedicate a special message of Thanks to my Life Coach @ Nelene Flemming. 2016 for me was a really tough year. When I met you sometime in June and I started my coaching jorney with you I was broken. Those that were close to me know that I felt a little less enthusiastic and my… Read more “Lesiba Matladi”

Lesiba Matladi
Cape Town

Nelene is so friendly and makes the process of change so simple. She is a phenomenal coach. The Full Life Transformation program is life changing! I would recommend it to every/anyone. I’ve become a better version of myself, more confident and more aware. The program unlocked and dissolved all my fears and doubts.

Zubeida Goolam
BrandTruth, Johannesburg.

Indeed a very passionate coach that really understands how to navigate people to a new level of awareness and consciousness. The Full Life Transformation Program: Brilliant, Impactful and truly relevant. Love it. It is life changing and beyond anything I have ever done.

Wayne Flemming
BrandTruth, Johannesburg.

Nelene is a very good coach. She is warm and really make you feel at ease and allows you to be yourself during the coaching sessions without being judgmental. She is friendly. The coaching is a good experience. It allows you to reconnect with your inner-self and make you a better person who has realized true abilities and capabilities and… Read more “Nthabiseng Morwe”

Nthabiseng Morwe

Nelene is an extremely warm, sincere and inspiring person who is passionate about transforming people’s lives. Not only is she an excellent coach, but also a beautiful example of the powerful way in which this course can transforms one’s life. The Full Life Transformation program is highly effective! It is systematic, thorough and “magical” as some things changed without conscious… Read more “Tronél Hellberg”

Tronél Hellberg

Wow! What a journey. I have learned to see things in a different way…To look at myself in a different way.
I don’t judge myself anymore…
I don’t compare myself with others anymore.
I am thankful for the small things in life.
Self confidence has grown enormously, so has self love, respect, and peace.
I… Read more “MB”


The Life Mastery Course: My sessions helped me quite a lot. They were intense, I learned something new about myself within each and every session. It’s the best investment I have made towards bettering my life. The course helped me get through a lot of issues (know to me and one’s I had suppressed) . With the course I learned… Read more “MK Teffu”

MK Teffu

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Who is the Life Mastery Course for?
Self-motivated, committed and driven human beings, who want to better themselves to impact the world.

How to start?
Contact Nelene for a free consultation via her email

How long is the program?
The course is structured to work in 5 segments of 8 weeks.

Modules 1 - 8: Personal betterment and transformation
Modules 9 - 16: Release low-quality emotions and emotional blocks
Modules 17 - 24: Success, career, wealth and money
Modules 25 - 32: Vibrant health and well-being
Modules 33 - 40: Relationship Leadership

There are a two week period rest in between modules.

How much time does it take to do the course every week?
Our sessions take between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Allocate 2 x 50-minute sprints to complete your forward-moving homework during the week.

What do I do when I have any unanswered questions?
Send an email to Nelene:

Do I have to commit to all 12 months?
In order to fully integrate mastery into your life a wholehearted commit will be necessary. Full-time participation = full-time results. Plus you deserve nothing less.

Can I get access to the whole program at once?
Due to the intensity of the course it is best to first absorb what is achieved in each of the sessions, then be exposed to the next session the following week. This way life mastery becomes a part of your daily life.

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