Meet the Master

Hi, I am Nelene

Although I don’t know you, I know and understand that you are visiting this website because you know there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing, and you know that you want to know more about creating the life you deserve. Always remember this: you are valuable and you are worthy – otherwise you would not exist. It makes sense that you would want to know more about your coach before you enroll in one of my results-proven coaching programmes, so here we go:

I am just like you. I am an ordinary person who aspires to experience life to the fullest; feeling good, devoted to betterment and growth with in and on earth, instead of living my past feelings of emptiness, purposelessness, and constant disappointment, whether in sport, relationships or career. I just did not feel good enough, and worse – I believed that I was never good enough.

Rewind: I was born in Ficksburg, a small town in the Eastern Free State. I have two awesome brothers and I had a very good childhood. From a young age, I always imagined that I could heal animals and people. Who would have guessed that I was right?

Somehow I knew that there was more to life. I asked many times, “Why are we on this planet if there is only suffering, pain, sadness and illness? What is the purpose then?” I will share four major life events with you, which changed the course of my path.

When our grandfather passed away, I was devastated by observing the pain and sadness it created in our family.
I was part of the provincial hockey team, and we were on our way to a national tournament. We never made it there. There was a tragic accident, and two of my teammates passed away. I broke my hips in several places and was down for 6 weeks. Due to my injuries, I had to stop athletics, and my passion for hockey seemed to come to an end.
Many years later, I completely dislocated my wrist in a freak accident and now have limited mobility.
I was retrenched from working as an area manager for a gym group.

In all these events, there was a bigger energy; a bigger knowingness or truth that helped me to move forward, and to make each event an opportunity for learning and growth.

In my journey to get through everything that happened in my life and to become unstuck from stagnation and emptiness, I came across Life Coaching. You might not believe me if I tell you, but my life transformed in an instant after enrolling in the course. I became a certified life coach, started my coaching business, Nelene Flemming – Life Mastery Coaching, and 6 months later, resigned from my job. There is no bigger reward and fulfilment in life than helping my clients to achieve a breakthrough in theirs, achieve their goals, to help them heal from past events, and master their lives.

Fast forward to the present moment. Today I am the master of my life. I have a balanced and vibrantly healthy life. The most beautiful part of my day is helping and guiding my clients to master their lives in all areas, whether it is in relationships, wealth, career, money, creativity or spiritually. I did all of this by mastering myself first, and becoming the best version of who I am.

I would love to help and guide you to become the best version of yourself. That is where all the light and gold resides.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Your life mastery coach,
Nelene Flemming

Nelene is certified as:

Master Transformation Coach
B.A Honors Human Movement Science
Certified Master Life Coach
Transformation Coach
Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner
Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner
Transformation Coach

PS: All the programs I have designed transformed my life
completely. (A big thanks to the Transformation Coaching
Academy for providing the best coaching techniques and
coaching systems).
Nelene’s coaching experience: over 4000 hours.