Demi Lopez


Nelene is such a vibrant energy. Her calm and positive mindset/attitude is very contagious. I feel inspired whenever I am in the presence of her being. I have a great admiration and love for her in her compassion to help others and share the true meaning of true life. A true and powerful spirit. I loved the Full Life Transformation program. I enjoy the feeling of freedom and the opportunity it provides me with. The program for me provided such clarity in my true path (true being). The program is spectacular and I fully believe and recommend it to anyone who chooses to steer their ship in the chosen path. The Full Life Transformation program consists of techniques that are highly effective as well as producing mass positive results. My life has changed tremendously going through the process of the full life transformation program. I am able to smile throughout the day, laugh like a child again as well as share and lead through my gain in enlightenment in this journey. My relationship with my externals has improved tremendously furthermore with myself has exceeded my expectation. I believe this program has given me such joy and wisdom that I will forever be grateful for as well as inspired to take my learning into my continued journey.