Lara Klopper

In my mind I had a dream of being a full time coach.  Fear crippled me, holding me back.  I couldn’t make sense of what structure to follow or where to even start.  Guiding me through a series of tested business and personal skills, Nelene mentored me on how to change my mindset to that of a business owner.  She added focus to my process, giving me key initiatives and actions to complete.  She included added value with every session.  Within 6 session with Nelene, I had a fully setup, registered coaching company and my own paying clients.  I quit working as an employee for someone else and was able to see my dream fulfilled, working for myself, creating positive change in the world.  The financial investment with Nelene had paid for itself even before the sessions with her were complete.

Nelene cares for everyone she has the opportunity to work with,  she wishes only to see them realise their full potential and patiently waits for us to see ourselves, as she already sees us – perfect, complete and fully capable in any area of life, whether professional or personal.   What has been most valuable and precious is the self-discovery, growth and the realisation that we are all in fact in control of our own destiny.  Why discover a purpose in life, when you can effectively create any purpose of your choosing?
My intention is to continue working with Nelene, in an ongoing effort to take my business and personal life to each new level of consciousness achievable.  There is no way to thank Nelene for the change she has created in my life, I can only continue as she does, adding value to each life that I get in contact with and pay it forward every day.