Lesiba Matladi

Cape Town

Today I would like to dedicate a special message of Thanks to my Life Coach @ Nelene Flemming. 2016 for me was a really tough year. When I met you sometime in June and I started my coaching jorney with you I was broken. Those that were close to me know that I felt a little less enthusiastic and my vibrational energy as you pointed was negative. I had a victim mentality and I believed the universe and God was working against me.

When I chose a Life coach I went through different websites but couldn’t find one that I specifically connected with. Luckily I came through your website and there was something there that said you were the right person to guide me through. It was your energy and the glow that you had.

To be honest I was also very confused as to what I really wanted in life and from the coaching it’s self. Nelene ‘s integrated coaching has helped me aquire the mental & emotional mastery that I so desperately needed. She has helped me re – discover myself and fully accept and appreciate my self.

With Nelene ‘ s guidance I am now radiating positive energy. I feel alive. I know and understand that I have abundance. My face glows with so much peace, happiness and contentment. I have dealt with all my past limiting beliefs and I only allow empowering beliefs in my life. I am succefull personally and in my career and I continue to grow positively in live.

Nelene, Thank you for you guidance, patience and understanding. May the good Lord continue to bless you richly.