Nonhlanhla Shange


Nelene has a special skill of helping a person to discover themselves. She has an ability to help you to tap into your inner self and see yourself as you were ment to be in this world. The Full Life Transformation program is powerful in a sense that I know exactly who I am. Other people’s definition of Nonhlanhla does not matter anymore since I have discovered myself. All my life I knew I love creative tasks. During this journey it was clear that I should start pursuing this passion. There are so many voices around us, giving us all sort of information about us.This course helped me to shift out all these voices and connected with the real me. The program helped me in knowing what are the root cause of my challenges such as, Lack of confidence, worry, frustration and other limiting beliefs. Now I understand that whatever is happening in my life is a reflection of my inner self. Every positivity I want to see in my life must be created inside me.