Tracey Kennedy

Nelene is a highly experienced coach who had a practical and workable answer for every question I asked her. She is caring and kind and felt an honest desire from her to see my business and me succeed. She is gentle and focussed and made it easy to work with her. I am grateful as a new business owner and coach to have found an experienced and successful coach like Nelene who is actually offering a mentoring program on her website. Just know that I was being coached by one of the best was a confidence booster of note. The Coaches Mentoring program covered all the areas and even more than what I anticipated. I loved that I got both practical business coaching as well as personal, inner coaching. It really is an all encompassing programme that Nelene contributed to my particular needs. It was a professional programme that I would recommend to every coach who needs further assistance and support. This programme has given me the edge I was looking for to take my business to the next level at a faster pace than what I would have achieved on my own. I have gotten so much clearer on what it means to have a business owner mindset and particularly on what kind of clients I want to attract. I fell like I have sowed myself a lot of time from learning the long way around regarding marketing and even how to deal with particular situations like in sessions with clients. I have more confidence and self-assurance from doing the program. When you want to be a successful coach it is best to use a coach who is successful and achieving great results. Nelene is that coach!