Tronél Hellberg


Nelene is an extremely warm, sincere and inspiring person who is passionate about transforming people’s lives. Not only is she an excellent coach, but also a beautiful example of the powerful way in which this course can transforms one’s life. The Full Life Transformation program is highly effective! It is systematic, thorough and “magical” as some things changed without conscious effort. It provided me with excellent tools to achieve whatever I want to achieve.

This program put me in the driver seat of every aspect of my life: thoughts, emotions, decisions and actions. It transformed my perception and beliefs of myself, others, and the world around me. Instead of having preconceived ideas or being judgmental, I now have a neutral/more positive mindset. My understanding, love and compassion for myself and others have escalated tremendously. Looking back, I realise what impact my lack of self-love and limiting beliefs had on me and my relationships. As my self-love and image transformed, and I reconnected with the person I was born to be, I began noticing how people around me changed. Make no mistake; life is not always easy and challenges arise, but I am now in control. I choose to bounce back and learn from whatever life brings. As a result of this course I let go of the past and rediscovered my true worth, strengths and life purpose… making a difference and ultimately leaving the world a better place. My love, acceptance and appreciation of myself and others keep growing. I now consciously choose to be GRATEFUL, happy, positive, live in the moment, grow, and embrace life.