The biggest challenges that young people face today is not knowing who they really are when they enter the ‘adult’ or ‘work’ phase of life. Since a very young age, we have been told how to live life to be successful, referring to the norms of society. Meaning, we were conditioned to fit into the box instead of tapping into our trust resources of intuition, wisdom, creativity, and life unfolding in a natural way. The conditioned mind limits us in a big way in creating personal success, career success or financial freedom. We start living in fear of never being able to step out and live our unique best life.

Not knowing who you are leading to unhappiness, hopelessness, fear, uncertainty, lack of self-confidence and an addiction to social media, continuously to fit in and compare oneself.

We start making choices on what we think will make our parents, early teachers happy, instead of our own happiness.

Think about the animation film, The Croods. The film starts with the family living in their cave. The parents drawing a picture on the wall of the cave of the fearful things outside of the cave, which creates fear-based beliefs because they didn’t know better than just the conditioned mind. Their daughter was quite curious to explore the unknown and so she did. This took them to new knowledge, growth and living a happier life instead of fear-based.

Now, you might have a question. How do we find our place in the world?

Start by unlearning who you are in the present moment. Everything that is limiting you in a big way, is who you are not. The more you practice this, the faster you will start realizing what your true passion is. When you express your true passion, you will always be abundantly provided for.

Start listing things that you love to do. Think about this: If the earth was just a template, and you were standing on top of the world, there was zero expectation or no income, what would you do? Who would you be?

Let go of all expectations. It is a fear-based state.

Create your vision for your life and goals as stepping stones to start living your unique life. And keep believing in your dreams. Stop listening to people who limit you. Remember they are just operating from their conditioned mind.

Know where you are going and have weekly commitments that will take you right to your vision.
All happy and successful people know where they are going.

Here is my suggestion to move even faster: We must become greater than our thoughts and emotions to live the life of our dreams.

Remember, it is self-worth that creates net-worth. It is never the other way around.

Now, take action an start writing on the following questions:

What is your legacy statement? (How do you want to be remembered by your loved ones when you are no longer here).

Where do you want to be next year this time? (Must be in alignment with your values).

What can you do today to get there?

You are the artist, the storyteller of your life, make it wonderful!